The Two Sides To A Face: My Journey with Sturge Weber Syndrome

The Two Sides To A Face: My Journey with Sturge Weber Syndrome

A story of my life focusing on the important points of Sturge Weber Syndrome. From my lifesaving brain surgery, to my endless eye struggles with glaucoma. My younger years I lived in the hospitals as the complexities of my condition affected me.

I also focus on social acceptance and my struggle with self image as a teenager. From laser treatments on my birthmark to trying to cover it with makeup as I simply just want to fit in. While I struggle with bullies and becoming the person I am.

Author BIO

Chelsey was born with a rare neurological condition called Sturge Weber Syndrome in 1985. Growing up with the condition brought many challenges like extreme surgeries, to living in the hospital as a young child.

She didn’t let her struggles stop her and she accomplished everything she set her mind to. From graduating, going to college, getting married and even becoming a mother. She now lives happily with her husband and two daughters in Alberta, Canada. She is an ambassador for the birthmark community. She advocates for individuals born with physical disabilities and facial differences.

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  • I have taken care of a few patients with this condition; you are amazing!!!

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