What if I told you, looks, money, body type really has nothing to do with attracting men? 


What if I told you everything you, most women do everything wrong when it comes to finding the right partner?


There are so many books out there talking about dating, but the problem is not all people are the same, and most direct you to not be yourself or direct you in a direction that only creates temporary relationships. This book will guide you to what men really want. Learn how to become what men desire in a partner without losing yourself in the process. 


Discover how to read and to understand what makes a person truly attractive to the opposite sex, and how anyone can be stricken with love if you understand how to radiate that magnetic attraction. You already have what you need inside you to become a woman who has men falling at her feet.  Join me in a guide to Magnetic Attraction and Dating 101.


Author Bio:

Brooke Eisenhart


Brooke has been working in the healthcare industry for over 20 years and enjoys helping people anyway she can. She has always had a particular knack for dating which people have asked how do you do this? Or how do you meet people and they fall so head over heels for you? What is your secret? In this Brooke decided to write a guide to what she has given her fantastic dating life, love, and partnerships over time, and bring that “firework relationship” that everyone strives for or wished for.