Submission Policy

Submission Policies

At Paperclip Publishing, we exist intending to provide a platform for authors to be discovered by new readers and for readers to find amazing new books.

If you want to submit a book to be discovered on our social site on, please read the following guidelines before submission.

When you submit your book, you will need the following:

  • Book summary
  • Cover Art (Need help with Cover Art? We have designers available – pricing starts at $399 for basic designs, $599 for Upgraded Graphics, Custom Hand Drawn Cover art is also available prices to be quoted per cover)
  • Author Bio
  • Author Picture
  • Any links to your social media or website.

We reserve the right to refuse any book we deem inappropriate. Any users promoting the following things on our website may find the post/book/comments deleted or be banned from the site.

  • Promoting/Encouraging illegal activities.
  • Promoting/Encouraging self-harm.
  • Promoting/Encouraging Bullying towards site members or others.
  • Promoting/Encouraging harm to children or animals.

Obviously there are books that include topics of value that may include these topics as a teaching/educational tool, for example, “To Kill A Mockingbird”, so we’ll use our best discretion when determining what will be allowed and what will not. It is our goal that the books on Paperclip Publishing uplift, support, educate, and entertain readers. We strive to do our best to provide a safe space for all to share their books, stories, and ideas with the world without being marginalized.

If you are ready to submit your book please click here to get started!