Severed: A Memoir of Hope and Healing

Severed: A Memoir of Hope and Healing

Born into a home marked by profound dysfunction, Sandra Jarvis struggles to overcome the messages ingrained throughout her childhood. I’m not worthy. I’m not loveable. I’ll never be enough. The physical, sexual, and spiritual abuse of her childhood, all hidden behind the carefully crafted façade of a model Mormon home, leave her wondering if there really is a God—and if so, what must she do to prove her worth?

She marries young, hoping to escape the misery of her childhood, only to discover that you can’t run from the effects of abuse. Bitterness and anger increase as she’s faced with seemingly endless trials—postpartum depression, a porn-addicted spouse, an LGBTQ child, a cancer diagnosis, overwhelming debt, and fear—constant fear for what the future might hold. With all of this overshadowing her world, Sandra thinks things can’t get any worse.

Then a tragic accident nearly severs her right hand. Although the damage to her hand brings an entirely new set of problems, it also gives Sandra an unexpected opportunity to not only recover, but to begin severing herself from the lies that have always ruled her life, the ones she’s told herself to prove she’s not enough. Only then does she discover that life is just what you make of it, that adversity can make you stronger, and that perhaps, things are exactly the way they are supposed to be.

Severed: a Memoir of Hope and Healing is the powerful true story of finding hope and purpose amid life’s challenges. It provides proof that even in life’s darkest moments, peace is available, perhaps even plentiful.

Severed a Memoir of Hope and HealingAbout the Author:
Sandra Jarvis is an Energy Leadership Coach and an Associate Certified Life Coach through the International Coaching Federation. She’s passionate about helping women of faith live their best life, even in times of trouble. She often works with women who have a history of trauma or abuse to help them discover their worth and reclaim their power. As a survivor of trauma and abuse herself, she’s familiar with adversity and understands the work involved in healing and moving forward to create a beautiful and fulfilling life.

Ms. Jarvis loves to read, write, bake, sew, and crochet. She’s the creator of Angie and Arnold Dolls, which she donates to children who are experiencing trauma or major medical issues. She’s also an accomplished violinist, a chocolate addict, and a lover of all things Disney. Sandra is the mother of five adult children, grandma to six little ones, and currently resides in the state of Washington with her husband, Jim.


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  • I loved this book! Sandra is so inspiring and speaks so much truth. She’s a true example of how to take adversity and learning from it to become a stronger light in the world.

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