Frequently Asked Questions

To create your own account on Paperclip’s social book sharing site you should visit our home page.

From there you can login if you already have an account or register if you are new in just a few steps!


All Paperclip social book sharing accounts are 100% free for members.

If you would like to sign up as an author and promote your book, there are pay per listing fees to post your book. Adding your book to our listings gives you greater exposure.

Starting Fall 2020 here are our rates to list your book:

$29.99 For a 1 Month Listing

$59.99 For a 3 Month Listing

Or $99.99 For a 6 Month Listing

Your book will be added to the Featured Authors list and also be fed into the main Discover feed. It will be set to a sticky listing (stays at the top of the feed) for the length of time you choose. Other authors can list at the same time so while we cannot guarantee placement – it will stay towards the top of the feed above non-paid listings.

Learn More and Submit Your Book Here.


To Create a Group on Paperclip Social there is a yearly fee of $9.99. To learn more or get started on your own group, click here.

Yes, Paperclip is a place for fun loving amazing book lovers to discover new books, authors and friends.

Bulling and illegal behavior is no bueno and you will be removed and blocked from accessing our site if you do these things.

Yes, please!

This platform only grows if we share – and we are all about sharing! If you know someone who loves books or who is an author – we’d love to have you invite them to join!

Anyone can change their privacy settings.

Go to: Settings → Account Privacy → Switch to Private, only friends can access.

We hope you will never want to leave the Paperclip community, but if you do it is as simple as going to your account settings page from the top right navigation bar (look for your profile pic and the dropdown menu –> Account Settings) then click on Delete Account and you are done.

Don’t worry, you can always come back if you decide you miss us!

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