Ages 13-17

Ages 13-17

Thrive and Be Somebody – 11Steps to Maneuver Life’s Obstacles with Confidence

Anyone who has experienced one obstacle after another that seems to block achieving success can benefit from Thrive and Be Somebody. In its chapters, you can gain the tools you need to break free from the fear and barriers that have been holding you back. Instead of watching everyone else move forward to achieve success, learn to create the life you choose and move forward in confidence!

When it comes to entrepreneurial success, Josevie Jackson
knows what she is talking about. She started her first business at age 20, eventually becoming a serial entrepreneur with several streams of income.

Josevie is a multi-million dollar producer – selling millions in products in the last 4 years alone and has received various awards throughout the years. During her time working in Corporate America, she managed well over 750 employees.
Certainly, her role as an innovator and leader is undeniable.

Josevie is the author of Thrive & Be Somebody -11 Steps to Maneuver Life’s Obstacles with Confidence. She enjoys using her experiences and expert strategies to make a positive & lasting impact on the lives of others.

As an international business coach & speaker, Josevie is greatly driven by her passion to help others succeed in life. Currently, she speaks all over the world to audiences as large as 2,000.

Josevie enjoys being a world traveler. She currently lives in Arizona with her husband, is a mother to six children, and multiple grandchildren.

How to Have Courage

How to Have Courage Book cover

How to Have Courage: Find strength in difficult times.

How to Have Courage Book cover

Book Excerpt:

In almost a dream-like state, she could hear the sound of her heart beating. Dark outlines of people moved around her as she tried to blink away her blurred vision. As the room became more clear, she realized she is in a hospital room. 

The shrill beeping of the EKG machine connected to her chest, she now realized was just a machine and not her heart beating. Her whole body was pulsing with pain, her mouth was dry, and it was hard to focus.

Staring at the ceiling of a cold hospital emergency room with IV’s shoved in both her arms, a plastic smelling mask on her face, while a puffy tired looking doctor examined her wounds, she felt afraid and lost.

The last thing she remembered was heading to the beach for a picnic with her family, singing along to the radio and laughing. It was a perfect day.

“Where is my family?” Even she was surprised at the weakness in her voice.

“Sweetie, I know this isn’t what you imagined, but you are going to need to have a healthy dose of courage to get through this.” A nurse on the other side of the bed encouraged her with a weak smile. 

Even she could sense the doubt in the nurse’s words.

Author Bio:

Inspiring, bubbly, & straightforward, Stacee Magee is a thought-provoking & powerful Birthmark Expert & Master Energy Healer who combines her intuitive abilities to discover their bodies hidden messages that give them a road map to living a magical life. Stacee draws from her life and spiritual experience to write books that weave magical tales and uncover deeper spiritual meaning in life for her readers.

The Two Sides To A Face: My Journey with Sturge Weber Syndrome

The Two Sides To A Face_

A story of my life focusing on the important points of Sturge Weber Syndrome. From my lifesaving brain surgery, to my endless eye struggles with glaucoma. My younger years I lived in the hospitals as the complexities of my condition affected me.

I also focus on social acceptance and my struggle with self image as a teenager. From laser treatments on my birthmark to trying to cover it with makeup as I simply just want to fit in. While I struggle with bullies and becoming the person I am.

Author BIO

Chelsey was born with a rare neurological condition called Sturge Weber Syndrome in 1985. Growing up with the condition brought many challenges like extreme surgeries, to living in the hospital as a young child.

She didn’t let her struggles stop her and she accomplished everything she set her mind to. From graduating, going to college, getting married and even becoming a mother. She now lives happily with her husband and two daughters in Alberta, Canada. She is an ambassador for the birthmark community. She advocates for individuals born with physical disabilities and facial differences.

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The Secret Message of Birthmarks

The Secret Messages of Birthmarks

Do you know that birthmark shaped like a dead president on your tush? Well, it has a message for you, and it’s like an easy button for your life!

If you have a birthmark I bet you are a bit like me, as a child, I spent the better part of my time in the bathtub trying to scrub my birthmarks off. Just like the other 80% of the population in this world are born with a birthmark, I thought there was something wrong with me, that I should be ashamed of how I looked.

I’d like you to be open-minded for a moment. How would you feel if someone gave you an easy button for your life? Something that would tell you about your biggest struggles and how to magically shift them into strengths?

You may be surprised to learn that your birthmark gives you magical insight into your life and gives you a greater understanding of just precisely who you are meant to be. What your life struggles are and how to overcome them. It’s literally like an easy button for your life, how many times have you wished for one of those? You are one of the lucky people in this world who have been given exclusive insight and direction that will help you discover your soul’s purpose in life! The Secret Messages of Birthmarks is a book that unveils the secrets to understanding the messages of your birthmarks, and how to use those messages to create a powerful healing experience with your thoughts and emotions while discovering your life purpose.

About the Author and the discovery of The Secret Messages of Birthmarks

I’m a birthmark expert and an Intuitive Energy Healer who helps People discover their bodies hidden messages that give them a roadmap to living a magical life.

As a Reiki Master Healer, Birthmark Expert, I started to look into my own birthmarks to see if there was any connection with the location of my birthmarks and the emotional struggles I had had in life. I found that both of my birthmarks were located in areas that when connected with the body’s energetic anatomy, were absolutely connected with the emotional struggles I have had in my life.

One of my birthmarks on the back of my left calf (which has mostly faded away as of today) I discovered was connected to a fear of moving forward and being overly concerned with other’s opinions. It is also doing things I dislike to seek approval or money to survive. Interestingly in the past two years, as I have been working on releasing these emotional tendencies, my birthmark has begun to fade.

I also noticed that there was a connection between my clients’ emotional and personality traits that corresponded directly with the location of their birthmarks. When they started asking me what their birthmarks meant and I told them the connections based on what I know about the energetic anatomy of the body, they would confirm that they indeed had the emotional struggles I told them about. I have thus far been able to connect the emotions and life struggles of my clients with their birthmark locations with near-perfect accuracy.

Helping others to learn to love and understand their bodies, “Secret Messages of Birthmarks” will spread an empowering message and I want to share this discovery with the world, to dispel the myths and stigmas around birthmarks as well as helping people to understand their bodies on a deeper level. Birthmarks are special marks that make each person an individual as well as giving them a deeper understanding of their life.

Inspiring, bubbly, & straightforward, Stacee Magee is a thought-provoking speaker & entrepreneur, patented inventor, professional artist, & part-time philosopher. Drawing from her experiences as a mom of 7 & a patented entrepreneur of 18 years, as she shares her experiences in a captivating and powerful way. Multi-Passionate she also has written for the Huffington Post in the past and produces her Podcast, The Genius Zone. When she is not inspiring and empowering others you can find her on hikes in the desert with her family holding her husband’s hand as they explore life together.